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Hello and Welcome to Forge Ahead Magazine.

Forge Ahead Magazine is a step taken by PHA COACHING to fulfil PHA COACHING’s mission of ‘reaching you wherever you are across the globe with personal development coaching.’ We value teamwork so we are offering the opportunity for others to collaborate and post articles which inspire people and have an impact in their business and daily lives.

We are a magazine totally dedicated to inspiring you and making your life better with tips, and short stories, and we are also open to receiving articles that share our vision; articles about motivation and the likes of positivity, teamwork and all other qualities that contribute to your success in life and in business. Our name (Forge Ahead) shows our whole vision: to help you forge ahead with the content in this magazine. A magazine containing several motivational articles, free of charge is too easy a reason to subscribe. Subscribe today, and share this with others, to enable them to also come and get inspired.

Forge Ahead…forward is the only option.

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Submit an Article

Our author membership is free. This is a great way to make an impact in people’s lives. Authors submit non-promotional articles which are published in our quarterly e-magazine. Before you get started, you must read our Contributor Guidelines. Please do read carefully as we will not publish any articles which do not fit into the requirements set out in the guidelines.


Forge Ahead Magazine is all about personal and professional development. The magazine covers many topics including leadership, personal growth, happiness, confidence, motivation, relationships, mindset, and productivity.

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