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Non-promotional articles which are published in our quarterly e-magazine

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Our author membership is free. This is a great way to make an impact in people’s lives. Authors submit non-promotional articles which are published in our quarterly e-magazine. Before you get started, you must read our Contributor Guidelines. Please do read carefully as we will not publish any articles which do not fit into the requirements set out in the guidelines.

Author Membership

Cost of Membership - Free

Eligibility - Industry Experts and Practitioners in listed topics


  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Managing People
  • Business and Entrepreneurship (with reference to people development)
  • Personal Growth
  • People Development
  • Team Building

Helpful Hints and House Rules

  • We only accept original, previously unpublished articles
  • We will not publish your article until your bio has been completed – and submitted with your article
  • You must state at the bottom of your article; the source of any image(s) used and certify that you have permission to use them. If you do not post an image or do not certify you have permission to use a submitted article, we will use one from our stock.
  • You will be allowed a link back to your website home page (for industry experts) or a relevant article on your website. However, links to any unsuitable material, third party websites or sales/product pages are not allowed.

If you require a link to a sales or product page/if you are a marketer (and not a practising industry expert), then please select a sponsored article.

Who can post in the Forge Ahead Magazine?

We accept articles from Industry writers and experts.
Our audience are Leaders, Managers, HR Leaders, Business Owners, and anyone interested in Personal Growth. If you have knowledge or expertise which can be shared with this audience which will enable their own or their team’s development, then you can contribute. If you only wish to post one article, then purchase our Sponsored Article.

We Only Accept Original Articles

All articles must be original and not published elsewhere. This is to avoid search engine penalties for duplicate content, which are severe and can affect both websites involved in posting duplicate content.
Articles must comply with our terms and conditions and we reserve the right to refuse to publish inappropriate material.

What types of articles can be posted in the Forge Ahead Magazine?

We post articles, features, news and adverts which reflect our core target market. Our core target market are Leaders, Managers, HR Leaders, Business Owners and people interested in Personal Growth.
The broad topics we accept for the magazine are articles about:
Leadership and Management
Human Resources (including Health and Wellbeing)
Personal Development

Our Categories:

Leadership, Human Resources, Personal Growth, Managing People,
Change, Business and Entrepreneurship, Book Review, Quotes, Interviews. We will also feature infographics, quizzes, or other interesting content for readers.

Writing an Article - Guidelines

Individual posts should run between 400 and 1000 words.
Posts should be written in a clear, engaging, and accessible first-person style that minimizes jargon and buzz words.
The most successful articles contain interesting perspectives and new ideas, “how to” and experiences of the author.
Articles should “add value” to the reader and give them some interesting information to read and think about and should not be promotional.
We will not publish an article without a completed bio. The bio contains all your contact information, this should be inputted at the bottom of your article.

About Links in your Article

Submitting an URL is acceptable.
External links to interesting information for readers are accepted if they aren’t promotional.

SEO Guidelines:

Your article should contain a keyword or key phrase. This keyword or key phrase will describe your article in a nutshell.
Develop an engaging heading. Studies show that the most engaging headings are those which are read most. Your heading must include your keyword or key phrase.
Your article keyword or key phrase should appear 2 – 3 times for every 200 words.
Include external link(s) to other useful information the reader might be interested in.

We may make minor changes which do not change the substance of the article but will help the article more likely be indexed by search engines.


Please upload a featured image for your article. You must have the right to use the image with your article, and therefore we ask that you credit the image with the original source.
We take copyright infringement seriously, and if an image is credited incorrectly, we accept no liability for any damages or legal action thus, if you do not credit your source, we will use one from our own stock. If you do not upload an image, we will use one from our own stock.


You as the author are responsible for the content you post, meaning any facts, dates etc. should be correct and you should also spell check your article before submitting it.
Although you as the author are responsible for the content you sent us, we have the final say on headlines, illustrations and placement of the article. Where necessary, we also require authors to confirm exclusive copyright, including the right to electronic distribution.

Sharing Your Article

We want your article to be shared as widely as possible. As well as sharing across our vast network, we hope you also share with your own. Here is a checklist of useful places to share.
We would also be grateful if you would share other member articles which you feel might be valuable for your own


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  • Slide share

Helping the Community to Grow

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Further Questions

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